Yoga has been an ancient practice and a form of meditation for many years; it dates back as far as 5,000 years ago in northern India. It has become used widely among society as it is a quick and effective way to become entuned with your body as well as being a stress reliever and breaking some tension. Along with this, yoga has many other benefits aside.

Yoga benefits

Benefits of yoga include:

  • Having a better body image
  • Promotes better breathing
  • Improving sleep
  • A boost to weight lost and maintenance
  • Enhancing movement/fitness
  • Cardiovascular health

General yoga benefits

After a yoga class, typically everyone leaves feeling relaxed and mindful. Having a regular yoga practice can promote endurance, strength, and calmness. The overall philosophy of yoga is connecting the mind, body, and spirit. Even though most feel relaxed, yoga can still be challenging; different positions and movements test one’s strength and flexibility.

Types of yoga

There are over 5 different types of yoga that can be practiced.

The different branches of yoga are:

  • Raja yoga: involves meditation and strict adherence to a series of disciplinary steps known as the eight limbs of yoga.
  • Karma yoga: aims to create a future that is free from negativity and selfishness.
  • Bhakti yoga: aims to establish the path of devotion, a positive way to channel emotion and cultivate acceptance and tolerance.
  • Jnana yoga: focuses on wisdom, the path of the scholar, and developing the intellect through study.
  • Tantra yoga: pathway of ritual, ceremony, and consummation of a relationship.
  • Hatha yoga: physical and mental branch that aims to prime the body and mind.

Try incorporating yoga inro your routine and see how the movement and mindfulness impacts your day and life.

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