For many people, a common routine is waking up and ending the day stressed. Within a second of their eyes peeling open, or their heads hitting the pillow, their responsibilities flood their mind; a negative mindset is planted for the day. Meditation is a great method for those who experience this, but also those who want to adopt a healthy coping mechanism. Along with being a stress reliever, meditation can help people connect with their inner self. Meditation focuses on all things around you, typically done with eyes closed, your attention is turned to your breathing patterns.

You may ask yourself, “But when will I have the time?”. This setback can easily be addressed by a simple and short session that is incorporated into your daily routine. This method is done in the shower and is known as a “mindful shower”. In this method, you are visualizing the water washing away any stress or negative emotions that are clouding the mind. Focusing on your breathing, and watching all the anger, regret, or sadness going down the drain.

Once you try this, you may feel lighter and have a more positive mindset for the day ahead. Go ahead and give this meditation a try, and seize the day ahead of you!

If you try out this method, but feel that you need a little more of a stress reliever, Dr. Chernyak can help. To learn more, call 732-250-9873 or book an appointment online with Central New Jersey Acupuncture & Wellness today.

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