When walking in to a acupuncture facility, you may notice that the treatment rooms have lamps. They are called heating lamps, and work really well with acupuncture and cupping treatments.

Heating Lamps

What is their purpose?

The heating lamps purpose is to detoxify and “wash away toxins”. This form of therapy goes deep into the skin, it increases blood flow and circulation to help the possible stagnant areas in the body. In addition to providing blood flow, it also relaxes the tissues and muscles. It can be included in acupuncture treatments to enhance the healing properties. In addition to enhancing the healing properties, it can help patients who are feeling anxious for many reasons.

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When to not use heating lamps

There are instances when heating lamps should not be used. People who have heart disease, are sick, or are pregnant should never undergo treatments with heating lamps. Some precautions to take when using a heating lamp are that thermal or heat injuries can happen, depending on the wavelength of the infrared light. Thermal injury can occur even without pain.

When to use heating lamps

Using a heat lamp is very beneficial if you want to help:

  • Pain
  • Damaged tissue
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Restlessness
  • Blood circulation

The warming IR radiation of the lamp has a relaxing effect and helps the body to recover. Physiotherapy lamps are directed to a certain part of the body for the desired period of time. This procedure helps to prevent colds and relieves the general tension of the body.

The heat lamps provide soothing heat, have an individually adjustable exposure time, an electronic timer and an automatic shut-off function. The operating time before the automatic shutdown is set in steps of 5 minutes and shown on the display.

Infrared lamps provide soothing and warming light. The correct dosage of infrared light contributes to recovery. The IR lamp is designed to relieve muscle pain and colds with the help of intense infrared radiation. This device improves blood circulation.

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