Fertility improvement with acupuncture is done with special acupuncture needles. Thin sterile needles are inserted into the body at the designated acupuncture points. This method opens the meridians, allowing the body to respond naturally to unblock bodily, mental and emotional processes. Chinese acupuncture works by targeting the sources of disturbances in the flow of qi, the body’s energy that supports overall health. Eliminating these stagnant areas will lead to improved health and fertility.

Fertility acupuncture

Fertility enhancement with acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the many approaches towards fertility treatments. Acupuncture involves holistic interaction with the body rather than isolating one organ. Acupuncture for fertility creates a connection between an organ and its energy channels, or meridians, and is meant to address and solve the cause of the inability to get pregnant. In addition, acupuncture treatment helps regulate hormones, increase blood flow, relieve pain and strengthen the body’s immune system.

Acupuncture can help adjust a woman’s cycle and help with ovulation. It can also align the uterus for a greater likelihood of implantation. For men, acupuncture can stimulate sperm production.

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Fertility Acupuncturist

Fertility Acupuncturist

It is best to research acupuncture clinics before starting any treatments to determine the best route for infertility acupuncture and to also consult with acupuncture practitioners. An acupuncture fertility specialists may recommend a combination acupuncture treatment for infertility and phytotherapy, which is the usage of plants or herbs as medication. The combination of treatments would provide stronger ovaries and improved follicular function.

Acupuncture for successful pregnancy

Acupuncture for successful pregnancy

Acupuncture for successful pregnancy. Traditional acupuncture also works for in vitro fertilization, or insemination and donor egg transfer. The best time to use acupuncture to improve fertility is three to four months before these treatments take place. Acupuncture treatments are offered both before and after embryo transfer. They can also help prevent miscarriages, which are most common during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, so acupuncture is highly recommended during this time.


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