Chinese medicine has so much experience in the treatment of many diseases over its thousands of years of existence. The increased gathering of writing on this topic has allowed us to record all this experience, analyze and develop it. With such knowledge on Chinese medicine, we understand how it helps the issue of infertility.

Chinese Medicine for Fertility

Often young couples have been treated for infertility for years with the help of the most modern medical technologies, which in most cases, does not give a positive result. Despite the fact that reproductive medicine has been developing by leaps and bounds in recent decades, it is not omnipotent. The combination of modern medicine, and Chinese medicine is becoming increasingly popular.

Chinese medicine is based on the naturalistic Taoist philosophy, which aims to achieve balance in the human body due to illnesses being produced by a violation of harmony. In this specific treatment, Chinese doctors use herbal collections in addition to acupuncture. Western medicine use acupuncture as a minimally invasive method, which has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of not only neurological diseases and gynecology, but also in other areas. 

Infertility treatment

The theoretical foundations of Chinese medicine are fundamentally different from the theory of Western medicine. Due to this contrast, the description of various processes occurring in the human body is fundamentally different from the description we are used to.

In the most ancient source of the basics of Chinese medicine, the treatise on the inner is about the influence of the anterior and posterior meridian on the possibility of a woman becoming pregnant.

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Components of traditional Chinese medicine



In Oriental medicine, there are 365 points on the human body, each of which is responsible for its own organ. If the normal functions of the organ are disrupted, it can be restored by affecting individual points. The Chinese combined various disorders of fertility function with the lines (meridians) of the human urological system – kidneys, liver, spleen. The Chinese believed that when a woman is infertile, the energy movement slows down, or stops altogether. The impact on the designated points with acupuncture, moxibustion, and massages forces the energy flows to move in the right direction.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition

Food for the ancient Chinese has always been an integral part of philosophy, culture, medicine. Food helps a person to restore the necessary energy. The Chinese believed that if a woman has problems with conception, then her body lacks Shen energy. Shen energy is responsible for the work of the reproductive system. To restore it and direct it in the right direction, a balanced diet is best.

Principles of the SHEN Energy Recovery Diet

  • Do not drink cold drinks! During menstruation, they are completely prohibited!
  • Do not eat raw vegetables, so you spend too much energy to digest food. It’s better to put them out a little.
  • Do not eat fatty foods: butter, lard, canned food
  • Eat less meat, milk and grains. They create an acidic environment that should be avoided
  • Do not drink alcohol, caffeine, or smoke cigarettes

Vegetables, shoots, and fruits (but not citrus fruits) are great to incorporate in one’s diet. Try eating more fish, soy, eggs, seeds, and nuts. Pay special attention to cruciferous vegetables. Chinese healers believed that broccoli, kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, turnips, and radishes split the hormone estradiol, which affects a woman’s libido. All of these products help create a alkaline environment of the body. In addition to this, chew your food thoroughly, as the food is better moistened with saliva, which has additional alkaline properties.

Treatment with special herbs

Treatment with special herbs

Chinese medicine has developed many methods for using herbs to restore fertility. It is very important to know what properties each herb has individually, and how it affects the body in combination with other herbs. Today, modern medicine is paying more attention to the recipes of Chinese herbalists as the chemical composition of decoctions for use in formulas of new medicines is being analyzed extensively.

Modern justification of acupuncture in the treatment of infertility

The effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of infertility has been proven not only by the experience of many generations of Chinese, but also by modern medicine. According to modern research, acupuncture normalizes the functions of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, improving the functioning of the ovaries.

Also, exposure to biologically active points prevents excessive prolactin formation, which also has a positive effect on the possibility of getting pregnant.

In case of violation of the patency of the fallopian tubes, acupuncture improves blood circulation of the pelvic organs, relieves inflammation, and helps restore their normal functioning.

How is the treatment going

After diagnosis, the reflexologist prescribes an individual treatment package. It may include several courses of acupuncture procedures, warming with wormwood cigars or a special lamp, electrical stimulation of acupuncture points, as well as auriculotherapy – the effect on the points on the auricle.

Usually the result is achieved after a month of medical procedures.

Practically, there is only one absolute contraindication for the treatment of infertility by acupuncture – these are oncological diseases. Other contraindications, such as alcohol poisoning or acute inflammatory process are relative and require the immediate decision of the attending physician.

In their desire to get pregnant, many women are ready to try any, even not quite humane means. Although it is much better to apply the methods of Chinese medicine – they are time-tested, and work regardless of people’s beliefs.

In conclusion, a few tips

Experts in the field of acupuncture, specialists in reproductive health believe that the methods of Chinese medicine can be useful for women who want to conceive a child. Oriental tips can be used by almost everyone. These tips include:

1. Increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine claim that a stressful lifestyle draws blood from the reproductive organs to the arms and legs (in a stressful situation, they are necessary for a person to fight and run away). To change the “direction” of blood and ensure its flow to the genitals, you need to use acupuncture, focal relaxation (imagining that you are in a safe place where you feel good and comfortable), attending massage sessions, and attending anti-stress yoga classes.

2. Restoring hormonal balance

It’s hard to catch the moment and conceive a child when hormone levels are unstable. What is hidden behind the imbalance of hormones? Again, stress. The body of a woman living in constant stress can produce a lot of the hormone prolactin, which can “cancel” ovulation. In addition to strategies to cope with the effects of stress, some herbs from Chinese medicine can help you (consult your doctor before taking it), a balanced diet and physical activity.

3. Improving emotional health

According to traditional Chinese medicine, fertility is influenced by internal organs such as the liver and lungs. The liver is associated with anger, frustration, stress, and craving. So there is no surprise why one of the most frequent diagnosis of infertility, according to traditional Chinese medicine, is stagnation in the liver qi. The lungs are associated with sadness, grief, and other negative emotions. How to ensure that the fertile qi moves freely through the body? Take the time to calm your mind through acupuncture, yoga or meditation.

4. Avoid dampness

Dampness accumulates in our body and causes “blocks” in the form of cysts and fibroid tumors, which can complicate the process of conception, according to practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. If you are trying to get pregnant, exclude “wet food” from the diet: milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, as well as fatty foods and alcohol. Also, beware of being in wet clothes, in any humid environment, damp basements, etc.

5. Keep track of your cycle

A diagram of your basal body temperature can help you determine when you are ovulating (the same advice is given by our medicine).

6. Make sure that your body is ready for conception and pregnancy

Judging by the photos, which are full of glossy magazines, the ideal woman is thin, and muscles are in good shape. According to traditional Chinese medicine, these are not the qualities that an expectant mother should have. Since a thin woman spends a lot of energy trying to look amazing, she has no energy left to maintain a new life inside herself. Everything is best when practiced in moderation.

7. Don’t be obsessed with the idea of conceiving a child

The more attention you pay to unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, the more stressful and frustrating it turns out to be. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine do not approve of such behavior and advise to take the process more seriously, not the results. This makes it easier to keep the balance and achieve what you want.

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