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Using light to treat illnesses and aesthetic issues goes back centuries. In fact, it was revered in the ancient societies of Greece and Egypt. A natural and low-risk treatment, bioptron light therapy continues to be a reliable healing and beautifying tool.

Yuliya Chernyak, DAOM is an expert in using light therapy to treat a variety of issues, such as chronic pain, at Central New Jersey Acupuncture & Wellness in Hazlet, New Jersey. In this blog, Dr. Chernyak explains what Bioptron® light therapy is and what it can treat.

What is Bioptron light therapy? 

Bioptron light therapy is a low-level laser treatment that combines different types of light to help treat a variety of ailments. Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, penetrates the skin and boosts the body’s ability to heal itself. Bioptron light therapy is free from harmful UV rays, which can age the skin, damage the corneas of the eyes, and increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

Bioptron light therapy is precisely dosed based on your needs. Dr. Chernyak determines how much light you need in each session and how many sessions you need depending on your health concerns. Though this treatment sounds complicated, the process is simple. 

Similar to other low-level laser therapies, Bioptron light therapy starts with light emitted from a bulb. The light passes through a number of filters, which alter the light’s protons, changing their shape and direction, and creating what’s called hyperpolarized light. 

The light then enters the body in a form that’s complementary to the body’s natural healing and regenerative processes. These protons can stimulate the body’s immune system, activate cells, and aid in circulation.

What can Bioptron light therapy treat? 

Bioptron light therapy, which is safe for all ages and skin types, can treat a number of issues, including chronic pain. One way Bioptron light therapy helps reduce pain is by decreasing inflammation. It does this by targeting inflammation-creating cytokines, which are proteins that are responsible for communication between cells.

Another way Bioptron light therapy helps reduce pain is by increasing the production of nitric oxide, which, in turn, helps reduce the overstimulation of nerves in the body. Bioptron light therapy can relieve back and neck pain as well as pain from arthritis and sports injuries. 

Bioptron light therapy can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It does this by stimulating your skin’s production of collagen and elastin, which are proteins that help maintain your skin’s firmness. 

To see if Bioptron light therapy can help you, book an appointment over the phone with Central New Jersey Acupuncture & Wellness today.