If you have chronic pain or other ailments and want a noninvasive treatment to reduce or eliminate your pain, TDP lamp therapy may be able to help you. This therapy, which uses infrared light to help reduce pain and spur cell regeneration, involves no drugs, no incisions, and requires no downtime.

Our compassionate team at Central New Jersey Acupuncture & Wellness in Hazlet, New Jersey, is led by Yuliya Chernyak, DAOM. Dr. Chernyak is a licenced acupuncturist who uses holistic treatments and traditional medicine to help the body heal itself. In this blog, Dr. Chernyak explains what TDP lamp therapy is and what it can treat.

The basics of TDP lamp therapy

TDP is an acronym for “Teding Diancibo Pu,” which roughly translates to “special magnetic spectrum.” A TDP lamp uses infrared light, which is a light that can penetrate the skin and  stimulate cell production to help the body heal. 

Furthermore, a TDP lamp has a special plate that’s covered with certain minerals. These minerals interact with the light to help boost its effects. Some of the minerals are aluminum, barium, boron, cadmium, carbon, chromium, cobalt, copper, iodine, and zinc.

TDP lamp therapy and chronic pain

The penetrating wavelengths of red light therapy are safe and noninvasive. The light can reduce pain — even if the pain is severe — and help areas of the body heal. This is because the wavelengths of red light therapy can stimulate cell production by exciting the mitochondria, which are the energy powerhouses of cells.

Furthermore, the therapy can reduce inflammation and spur the secretion of happiness-making endorphins. All of these things combined can lead to a reduction in chronic pain. 

Some of the chronic pain conditions TDP lamp therapy can treat include:

  • Back, neck, and shoulder issues
  • Failed back surgery
  • Sciatica
  • Temporomandibular disorder (TMD)
  • Fibromyalgia

If you experience chronic pain, TDP lamp therapy may be able to give you the relief you need.

Other conditions TDP lamp therapy can treat

TDP lamp therapy can treat more than chronic pain conditions. It can also treat a number of other health and cosmetic issues. TDP lamp therapy has been shown to:

  • Reduce acne by calming overactive glands
  • Increase hair growth by stimulating hair follicles
  • Help wounds heal by reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production
  • Help the body create new blood vessels and improve circulation

TDP lamp therapy allows everyone to harness the benefits of the sun without being subjected to ultraviolet rays.

Trying TDP lamp therapy for yourself

Dr. Chernyak will give you a thorough evaluation and discuss your symptoms. Depending on your condition, Dr. Chernyak will recommend the number of sessions you’ll need.

If you suffer from chronic pain or other issues, TDP lamp therapy may be able to help you. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Central New Jersey Acupuncture & Wellness today.

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